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About Wouter Hardy

A little


Wouter Hardy was born in Boxtel, The Netherlands on the 3rd of April 1991.

At the age of 9, I started playing the trumpet and after 10 years the piano found its way under my fingers, I was sold! Having graduated Rock City Institute (Eindhoven) my next goal was to continue studying at the Codarts Conservatory (Rotterdam) - where I now teach mixing and production. In that time I was touring through Europe with the band Kovacs. Producing music became my new addiction and following 3 years of life as a touring musician (keyboards, trumpet, musical director) it was time to commit to working fulltime on my own.
Wouter Hardy Studio Potrait
You can describe my sound as cinematic, ambient, emotional, small expanding into grandiose but also electronic and deep. The goal is to put the artist in the track with the right amount of ambience and emotion allowing the story to come forward and the lyrics to get the right support by self played arranged progressions and sounds.

In 2019 Duncan Laurence won Eurovision with Arcade. Producing and co-writing this track was an amazing journey. With several awards and hit notations, this track became my trademark in the music industry.

From beginning to end

Working as a music producer / composer / mixer and pianist with a great amount of drive and eagerness makes me a jack of all trades in the industry. This means I’m able to personally develop and facilitate a project from beginning to end. You will find me at my happiest producing and writing music in my studio.
"De Edison-jury calls Arcade an "extremely tasteful and an integer song" that’s "produced stylish and beautiful". "Arcade reaches far across our borders and is just the beginning of so much more"
The Edisons
Wouter Hardy  - The Edisons
"In The Netherlands Arcade was streamed 1,24 million times in 1 day! From that moment this track holds the record of the most streamed song in 24 hours. RTL Boulevard talked to the producer of the track, Wouter Hardy, about the succes."
RTL Boulevard
Wouter Hardy Rtl Boulevard
"The message is packed in a modern pop ballad with an explosive chorus. ‘Arcade’ starts out with just piano and Duncan’s emotive vocals, while the instrumentation builds up to a climax. The production elevates the composition with enough drama, but never sounds insincere. ‘Arcade’ comes across as an authentic composition that is not trying to follow any trend, but if we have to compare its sound to artists out there, I would say it somehow resembles bands like Coldplay with a hint of Hozier."
A Bit Of Pop Music
Wouter Hardy A Bit Of Music
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